Hackers donate 90% of profit to charity 2019/06/13

NGI Zero awarded two EC research and innovation actions 2018/12/01

EC publishes study on Next Generation Internet 2025 2018/10/05

Bob Goudriaan successor of Marc Gauw 2017/10/12

NLnet Labs' Jaap Akkerhuis inducted in Internet Hall of Fame 2017/09/19

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Current Projects

Listed on this page are programs and projects which are - at this moment - working with NLnet funding.

NLnet has a long term commitment to the following programs:
NLnet Labs - Independent lab for Internet infrastructure development
Other running projects:
A proof of concept of identity-based encryption - Make encryption simpler
Accessible security - Integration effort of independent security efforts like Qubes, Heads, coreboot, etc
ARPA2 - Working towards a decentralised global internet that offers security and privacy by design.
ARPA2 LDAP Middleware - Privacy enhancing middleware
ARPA2 resource ACL and HTTP SASL modules for NGINX - Extend consistent access control to NGINX webserver
ARPA2 Steamworks -

Near-instantaneous controlled configuration settings over any network

Autocrypt for Thunderbird - Make email encryption extremely simple
Bitmask - User-friendly and secure VPN configuration
Blink RELOAD - Secure P2P real-time communications with RELOAD
Briar - A secure messaging app with offline capabilities
Conferences - sponsoring of various conferences
Conversations - A secure mobile messaging client
CryptPad - Real-time collaboration with client-side encryption
DCnets - Implementation of Dining Cryptographers Network
Declarative web service security - Declarative web service security in NixOS
DeltaBot - Social discovery over mail-based chat
Democratic Sendcomm - An easy to use connected open hardware device with a flat learning curve
dhcpcanon - Network configuration with better privacy
DIME - A new encrypted, end-to-end email protocol
Discourse ActivityPub - Connecting internet discussions with ActivityPub
Discover and move your coins by yourself - A safe way to explore and work with cryptocurrency forks
Distributed Private Trust - Decentralised trust and reputation system
DNSSEC Key Signing Suite - A best practise for DNSSEC Key Signing
Donations - smaller contributions to various activities
eduVPN -

Making secure VPN network technology available to everyone

EGIL SCIM client - System for Cross-domain Identity Management
ELF Linking -

Analytic tools for UNIX' Executable and Linkable Format - Resilient, human-centered, distributed content sharing and discovery. - Resilient, human-centered, distributed content sharing and discovery.
EteSync - iOS application - Encrypted synchronisation for calendars, addressbook, etc
Explain Direct - Providing effective and efficient access paradigms for open educational material
Fashion Freedom -

Supporting research, development, and education to bring the fashion industry into the 21st century - Find your way in the Fediverse
FileSender - FileSender is a secure and private way to share large files with anyone.
Finish porting Replicant to a newer Android version - Alternative, free software version of Android
Free Software Vulnerability Database - A resource to aggregate software updates
Geographic tagging and discovery of Internet Routing and Forwarding - Geographic tagging and discovery of Internet Routing and Forwarding
Global Directories - Distributed contact information discovery mechanism
GNU Mes - Help create an operating system we can trust
GNU Name System - Authenticated naming system for the internet from GNU project
Graphics acceleration on Replicant - Free software graphics drivers for mobile phones
Hackathons - contributions to various hackathons
IMSI Pseudonymization - Better privacy protection for 2G-5G
IN COMMON - Public platform to map and act together for the Commons
Internet of Coins -

Create a decentralized, self-sustaining economy by implementing inter-blockchain connectivity - Search engine for the Interplanetary File System
IRMA made easy - Usability research into attribute based authentication
iuh-openbsc - An open source implementation of 3G
Katzenpost - Observation resistant secure messaging layer
librarian - Custom meta-search
Lizard - E2E Rendez-vous and discovery
Magic Wormhole - Magic Wormhole allows you to securely send files between two computers with minimum fuss
Mailpile Search Integration - Personal email search engine
Manyverse - An off-line capable privacy-centric social messaging app
MEGA65 Phone - A phone simple enough to understand in full
mobile-nixos - NixOS for mobile phones and tablets
Mynij - Portable indexing and search engine for mobile
Namecoin - Decentralized, censorship resist Internet infrastructure for e.g. DNS and identities
neuropil - Privacy by design P2P search including IoT
nftables-xfrm -

Rewriting nftables to optimise for xfrm

Nitrokey - Open hardware for encryption and authentication
Nixcloud Mail - Declarative mail server based on NixOS
Nixcloud Webservices - Declarative web services based on NixOS
node-Tor - Implementation of Tor protocols for inside webpages
Noise Explorer-VerifPal - Automated proofs and code generation for secure protocols
OnBaSca - Tor Bandwidth Scanner
Opaque Sphinx - Secure password-based authentication with Opaque/Sphinx
Opaque Sphinx Server and Clients - Server and tools for modern authentication
P2Pcollab - Decentralised social search and discovery
Padding Machines for Tor - Protect metadata in the Tor onion routing network
PGP4civiCRM - Add email encryption to CRM
PKCS#11 v3 - Contribute to standardisation of PKCS
Plaudit - Make good science discoverable through endorsements
Practical Decentralised Search and Discovery - Search and discovery inside mesh/adhoc networks
Private Searx - Add private resources to the open source Searx metasearch engine

Next iteration of the Protocol for SYnchronous Conferencing

Qubes OS - Bring the security of Qubes OS to people with disabilities
RaptorJIT - RaptorJIT is a high-performance Lua virtual machine for network dataplanes.
Redwax -

Modular infrastructure for building security services on the web

Reowolf - Rip and replace for BSD socket insecurity
Reproducible Builds - Make the build processes behind software distributions reproducible
Ricochet Refreshed - Anonymous, meta-data free secure messaging
Robur privacy-enhanced DNS resolver and DHCP server - Secure network configuration and DNS resolution
Rocket CWMP - Remote governance and configuration for internet equipment
SASL XMSS - Make SASL work with XMSS protocol
SCION-Swarm - Secure and reliable decentralized storage platform

Create a GSM mobile phone consisting of completely open source software and SDR radio

searx - A privacy-respecting, hackable metasearch engine
SecuShare -

A framework for sufficiently safe social interaction.

SecuShare-box -

A framework for sufficiently safe social interaction.

Serval-LR - SERVAL Long-range WiFi Add-on
SIPproxy64/6bed4 - 0cpm, SIPproxy64, 6bed4, applet, freeswitch RTT
SocketHUB -

A polyglot communication server for the decentralized internet

Software vulnerability discovery - Automating discovery of software update and vulnerabilities
SOLID Data Workers - Toolkit to ingest data into SOLID
Sonar: a modular peer-to-peer search engine for the next-generation web - Modular peer-to-peer search engine
Spectrum - A security through compartmentalization based operating system
StreetComplete - Fix open geodata with OpenStreetMap
Stubby -

A DNS stub resolver which will provide DNS Privacy for end users

Suhosin-NG - Harness PHP 7 applications
Sylk Client - Secure multiparty videoconferencing application
The Libre-RISCV SoC - A fully open hardware System-on-a-Chip
The Open Green Web - Ethical meta-search filter on green hosted websites
TLS-KDH - Kerberos-based (mutual) authentication, bound in Elliptic-Curve Diffie-Hellman
TLS-KDH mbed - Implement TLS-KDH into mbed
TOS;DR - A user rights initiative to rate and label website terms & privacy policies
Tracking Exposed - Increase transparency behind personalization algorithms
Transparency Toolkit - A decentralized hosted archiving service with search
Trusted Boot Module - An open hardware trusted boot manager
Uberflow - An Open-Source OpenFlow Controller Implementing the North-Bound Interface
Universal DID Resolver and Registrar - Tooling for decentralized identifiers
ValOS Cryptographic Content Security project - Cryptographic Content Security for ValOS
VFRAME: Visual Defense Tools - Use computer-vision to shield privacy in video
Virtualizing device firmware - Creating digital twins for auditing and testing appliances
Vita - A high performance IPSEC implementation
Vita - Vita is a fast VPN gateway that operates at layer-3.
Web Shell - Desktop and security environment for web apps
Wireguard - A fast and modern VPN that utilizes state-of-the-art cryptography.
Wireguard - Take modern network tunnels to the next level
Wireguard Windows client - Native Wireguard protocol client for Windows
YunoHost and the Internet Cube - Solutions for DIY-ISP's and self-hosters
ZSipOs - Open hardware for telephony encryption


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